How to apply

Please follow these instructions to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Accessing the online application

You will need to register for an account in order to access an online application form – please click on the Apply button from the site then click Register to create your username and password. If you encounter any problems in registering for access, please contact us at

To activate your account, you have to click on the link that has been sent to your registered email. You can edit/save your application until you are ready to submit it. Applicants can apply for up to two posts.

Documents you need to complete your application

To help you complete your application, we recommend you prepare information relating to your education, employment and training record in advance. All other relevant documents (for example your CV) can be uploaded in the last section of the application process.

How to complete the application

When you are ready, click on the button ‘Apply’. Please complete all sections before electronically submitting your application. The system will not allow you to submit an application with any mandatory questions left unanswered. If you do not complete a mandatory question, the system will display an error message and require you to answer the question.

All applications will be considered based on the information provided on the application form.


Please supply the names and contact details (official work emails) of at least two references. They must be your current Headteacher/employer and the Headteacher from your former school/employer at the time of your employment

  • If your current job is your first employer, please provide additional details of Deputy Head, Head of School or Head of Faculty/Department.
  • If you are a newly-qualified teacher, please supply your college Principal/Tutor details.
  • If you are not currently working with children but have done so in the past, please give the name and contact details of the employer with whom you were most recently employed working with children as a referee.

Uploading a photo to your application

As a part of completing the application form, you will be asked to upload your digital image (jpg, png, gif). We recommend you to use a professional photograph of high quality. The photo size limit is 500kb.

** Download times may vary depending on your internet connection speed.**